Sunday, March 4, 2012

March Photo A Day Challenge

That's it.
I've decided.
I'm doing it.
March Photo A Day challenge.
If you're not familiar with it, check out how Julie does it at Joy's Hope
Love her blog. 
Love her stories.
Now here's how to play along:

  • Starting March 1st take a photo each day with inspiration from the list below. For example, 1. is "green," so snap a photo of your favorite plant. Or of your favorite salad. Or of your friend that you carpool with. The interpretation of the word is completely up to you. That's the fun part!
  • After you have taken you photo you can share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even Pinterest.
  • Quick note: you can do this with any camera you have of course. But since I am absolutely addicted to my iPhone, I will be using the Instagram app.

Here is the full list for March:

And here is what I've got so far:

Green - THE most delicious steamed veggies (dipped in ranch of course).

The letter C - One word: chips! 
(Should I be concerned that my first two photos are of food??)

Three - These Maybelline Color Tattoo cream eye shadows are absolutely beautiful.
I have them in Bold Gold, Bad to the Bronze and Tough Taupe.
So pretty and versatile! Can be worn alone or as a base.

Favorite woman - my mom! Who else?!

Pretty good start I think. 
I'm looking forward to having these little snippets of each day to look back on. 
And just remember.
Join me?

*~ Ina