Monday, January 16, 2012

Sew Many Projects, Sew Little Time

Let's think back to a few nights before Christmas.

It was a cold and dark afternoon when I pulled into the driveway after work and I saw a box on our doorstep. As I got closer I realized what it was...

... my Christmas present!!!

As excited as I was, I had gotten home before Zach and I knew he was going to be crushed to see that Amazon didn't ship it in their usual brown box. Instead it shipped in the original box!


My mind was racing. I had three options:

1. Lie and pretend that it wasn't there when I got home, assuming UPS dropped it off after I got home and before the husband got home - giving him a chance to stash it before I "see it."

2. Find a giant brown box, carefully peel off the shipping stickers, paste them onto said new box and tape shut. 
Ta - da!

3. Leave it as I found it. :(  I knew I had to leave it in its original box and I couldn't lie (I was too excited!). I just knew he'd be so disappointed to know I saw my present before Christmas.

And he was.
He couldn't believe it shipped in the original box and was just dropped off at our doorstep in its "nakedness." 

All I could think was "I got a sewing machine!!"

After he saw just how excited I was and now that the surprise was ruined, he said only a few wonderful words: 

"You might as well open it now that you know what it is."

No arguing here (can't you tell from the giant grin on my face in the photo above?).

So here it is:

Isn't she beautiful??

Sure, I've only sewed in high school and sure, I can hardly sew a straight line - but hey, I can learn right?!

My mind has been racing with ideas (duvet cover, cover for Skya's bed, curtains), but I think I'll start with something extremely simple:

I'll be working on this project this week and will post when finished (for better or for worse). 

All for now,

*~ Ina

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  1. Darn it,, wow!
    Now is that a sewing machine or a hieroglyphics test? Will you be proofreading that bad boy, because it looks to me like King Tut had some edits he wanted made LOL.
    xoxox M