Sunday, April 3, 2011

How we met our house

This time last year Zach and I were crammed in a teeny tiny one bedroom apartment, with way too much stuff and hardly any room to move around. The living room also served as the dining room/guest bedroom/office and was jam packed with college text books, video games and dog toys belonging to this vicious beast:

Who, me?

Zach landed a great job before graduating in May and we knew that looking for a house was our next step. Back then my job barely paid more than minimum wage, so I was terrified of a mortgage (our tiny apartment also came with a tiny rent).

Once we figured out our budget, and agreed on what we wanted in a home (great backyard, large kitchen, 2 stories ...), we met with a realtor and the search was on. Our lease was up in July and we wanted to take advantage of the First Time Homeowner's Tax Credit, so we knew we had to hurry.

We looked at 6 or 7 houses in one day before we found, what we like to call "the one." It was the last house on our list and within minutes of walking through the front door I knew it. I think Zach was trying to keep an open mind as we walked through the open floor plan, into the big kitchen, up the stairs to the 3 bedrooms, a master bathroom and walk-in closet....but I was sold. He was starting to really like it and after seeing me mouth the words "I LOOOOVE this house" about 10 times when our realtor wasn't looking, he realized I really did looooove it.

That night we made plans for both of our parents to walk through it, and I remember watching my mom's face as she looked around. Everyone was happy for us and, while we didn't need their seal of approval, it meant a lot to us that they liked it - a lot. The next morning we made an offer and within a day or two, the sellers accepted!

We moved in on June 4, 2010!

Street view of our humble abode

Stay tuned for tales and photos of our adventures, as we discover what being home owners really means (hello giant deck staining project!).

All for now,

~ Ina

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