Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pillow Talk

Last weekend I finally did it!
I busted out my sewing machine and got to work.
I followed this easy step by step tutorial that Sallie posted on her blog Texas Cottage.

Here is what I came up with:

I picked up a couple yards of fabric at JoAnn's and a 16 in. x 12 in. pillow form. I cut the fabric 12 in. in one direction and 36 in. in the other direction. You can easily figure out how to cut your fabric by multiplying the length of the long side of your pillow form (16 in.) by 2, for the front and back pieces, and adding 4 in. for overlap and seam allowance. 

Next step is to hem the short sides. Lay the fabric with the right side down and a short side closest to you. Measure a 1/4 in. hem on each short side and iron the hems flat. On one of the sides, hem another 1/2 in., pin it and iron again.

Just keep in mind that this side will show on the back of your pillow - so I tried to keep a steady straight stitch. Sew both hems.

Once you are done with the two hems, lay the fabric with the right side up and the long side towards you. Fold the side with the 1/2 in. hem over a little more than half way. Then fold the other side over so that it overlaps the first side you folded. 

As I was doing this, I triple checked to make sure that the fabric measured the same as my pillow (from fold to fold). You can make the pillow cover a little longer, but I wanted it look "full" once it was completed and the pillow form was inserted. 
Pin each long side and sew 1/2 in. seam allowance. When you're done sewing, trim the seam allowance at each corner so the pillow corners will be "pointy." (Yes, that is a technical term.) Carefully insert the pillow form.

Here is a side view of the stitching on the finished pillow.

And here it is! My very first completed sewing project.
This tutorial was so easy and simple to do - I was sure I was going to mess something up. But it was all smooth sewing (re.: smooth sailing). No knots in the thread. No broken needles. Just a pretty pretty pillow.

I can't wait to find other fun fabrics to use and arrange a miss-mash of pillows on the couches.

Also, I'd love to make a few covers for some decorative euro pillows for our bed and a super-girly cover for Skya's doggie bed.

All for now!

*~ Ina

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